Eco-V (Pty) Ltd South Africa was founded in July 2014 and has since January 2015 been part of the Climate Innovation Centre incubator at the Innovation Hub in Pretoria, an initiative of the Gauteng Provincial Government.

Eco-V has recently commercialised GreenTower technology that removes water heating from the grid by saving ±90% in energy compared to electric boilers and is affordably powered by solar energy. Sunlight heats up solar thermal collectors, adding to heat energy extracted from the air by solar heat pumps that are powered by solar PV.
After years of research into Cleantech the founder of Eco-V was able to start patenting GreenTower technology in 2014 including an energy storage scheme that combines hot water storage and efficient Lithium batteries.

Key commercial pilot projects executed during 2015 and 2016 have validated GreenTower technology and along with winning a number of international and national awards have created significant traction for GreenTower. Core strengths include a strong team with technical competencies in renewables, telecoms and commerce while our disruptive GreenTower™ IP provides a competitive advantage.