GreenTower is ground-breaking with hybrid solar Microgrids achieving world class-energy savings, combined with water saving. Requiring half the space used by traditional solar water heaters, it is suitable for all climatic conditions and keeps operating at night or in bad weather. GreenTower Microgrid units with components integrated into a refurbished shipping container typically supply 15 homes with off-grid domestic hot water while multiple Microgrid units reduce a community’s electrical grid demand by up to 65% while conserving water. Small-scale pilots that validated GreenTower technology during 2015/16 have replaced 13 electric boilers saving ±60,000kWh annually.

  • GreenTower Microgrids are now in production and the first commercial unit is scheduled for installation end-March at a Community Health Centre.
  • A scaled-up GreenTower Microgrid for an old age home will replace 20 electric boilers and save ±37% on its municipal utility bill from July.
  • Pending board approval, GreenTower will save a factory more than 2million kWh annually by replacing a 600kW boiler.

A software management platform enhances performance of GreenTower IoT-enabled components. Information made available to customers using the GreenTower app helps reduce consumption. Parameters monitored include solar energy harvested, energy and water usage, as well as operational temperatures.

Fresh water pumped from boreholes conserves water with water saved by managing hot water flow, monitoring leaks and further by utilising greywater recycling. Eco-V plans to commence with the development of a GreenTower biofilter module in 2017 for greywater recycling. The vertical space behind the solar modules at the back of our containerised Green Tower Microgrid units will be used to mount biofilters that will be used to process recycled bathwater for toilet flushing and garden irrigation. By adding water purifiers, drinking water can also be produced.

At Eco-V the sentiment we want to associate with our brand is that of pride in sharing values. By implementing a visually attractive design we intend to create a product that people want to own and makes them proud to be part of the “Green” and sustainable community. GreenTower™ requires typically 40% of the space required by traditional solar water heaters and is suitable for all climatic conditions.

The Microgrid units are installed outdoors and do not require specific municipal approval as long as installation is done according to the national building regulation regarding electrical and plumbing work. Basic installation training is sufficient and installation needs to be done by a plumbing and electrical apprentice and signed off by a qualified plumber and electrician. All components are configured at the factory according to customer requirement including the online controller with its sensors which is supplied as a kit.