Old Age Homes

Old age homes use electric boilers that contribute up to 35% of their electricity bill. With the high cost of electricity in South Africa, hot water for bathing is becoming unaffordable for the elderly. Eco-V has signed an MOU with the SAVF, a Non-Profit Organization that owns 32 old age homes and 44 housing schemes to implement GreenTower throughout their facilities based on a pilot project commencing in April 2017.

Property Developers

Property developers pay high grid connection fees and legislation requires 50% hot water heating from renewables. Discussions over the past year are expected to lead to negotiations between Eco-V and a listed construction company with a pipeline of more than 30000 homes, for a commercial pilot of 2000 homes with GreenTower implementation expected the latter part of 2017.

Industrial Applications

Industries that require 80°C process hot water spend up to 30% of their utility bill using electric boilers, severely impacting profitability. Eco-V has presented to Mpact for replacing a 600kW boiler with a GreenTower Microgrid that pays back in 5 years compared to 7 years for alternative solutions. Board approval is anticipated by August with implementation end of 2017.