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GreenTower solutions sustainably harvest nature’s power to improve energy, water, food and health security.

Our software enhances performance by integrating solar PV, solar collectors, heat pumps, inverters,  electricity & water meters, and environmental sensors.

Eco-V provides GreenTower solutions for combining solar electricity and solar hot water integrated with renewable water resources such as treated borehole water or greywater to reduce utility electricity and water bills by up to 90%.

A skills development approach supports an entrepreneurship ecosystem.

2018 Gauteng Premier Service Excellence Award for Innovation

Eco-V received recognition from the Office of the Gauteng Premier, for the work done at Susan Strijdom old age home. The award was received by Barend Erasmus (middle), manager of Susan Strijdom, with Hennie Nel (far left) and André Nel (2nd to right) from Eco-V.

Customers who talk about us

“This is the first time in years that I am looking forward to winter” – Barend Erasmus, Susan Strijdom Manager


Eco-V has developed and commercialized GreenTower technology, an Internet-connected solution that integrates solar energy, water treatment, disinfection and water purification optimized and managed by software. Customers include elderly care facilities, property developers, farms, residential households, guest houses, industries, schools and universities that need improved energy, water, food and health security.

The GreenTower hybrid solar prototype, first built in 2013, has been continuously improved; our efforts have been validated by multiple awards won during the implementation of 25 pilot projects covering various market segments. By generating 134kW in solar power, GreenTower is saving 300 thousand kWh in energy annually with a reduction of 300 tons of Greenhouse gas and conserving 4.9 million liters of water per year.

Our patented hybrid solar technology saves up to 90% on water heating expenses and provides renewable resources at below utility cost.