About Eco-V

Eco-V (Pty) Ltd South Africa was founded in July 2014 and joined the Climate Innovation Centre (CIC) Incubator at The Innovation Hub, Pretoria in January 2015 as Runner-up of the Gauteng Accelerator Programme (GAP) Green Competition.

Eco-V graduated from the Incubator in 2020 and has commercialized GreenTower Technology that provides a modular and integrated approach to energy and water security for households, communities and industries. GreenTower solutions provide factor 10 savings: Combining solar electricity and solar hot water saves ±90% in utility electricity usage while tapping into renewable water resources such as treated borehole water or greywater saves 90% in municipal water supply. Remote Monitoring and Management enures optimum efficiency using Internet of Things (IoT) technology. A skills development approach involves an online solar technologies course and practical training options. GreenTower for Schools is a prime example of community scale energy and water security, with online skills development and Make Studios to develop youth entrepreneurship

GreenTower: Engineered for People, Powered by Nature.

After years of research into Cleantech the founder of Eco-V, Andre Nel, started to patent GreenTower technology in 2014 including an energy storage scheme that combines hot water storage and efficient Lithium batteries. The South African Patent No 2017/04532 was awarded in November 2018.

Key commercial pilot projects executed since 2015 have validated GreenTower technology and along with winning a number of international and national awards have created significant traction for GreenTower solutions. Core strengths include a strong team with technical competencies in renewables, telecoms and commerce while our disruptive GreenTower™ IP provides a competitive advantage.

Eco-V aims to impact the Green Economy in South Africa by installing GreenTower microgrids at 1000 high schools across South Africa within 5 years. Our unique value proposition includes energy and water security as a service, with access to our online solar technology course including theory behind solar PV, solar hot water and Internet of Things (IoT) and practical training options. Maker Studios encourage entrepreneurship through practical skills development involving 3D printers, laser cutters and vacuum forming. A small joint investment from the school  will attract significant savings in utility expenses while a reasonable service fee paid to Eco-V ensures ongoing maintenance and support.  Adjacent market segments include old age homes, guest houses, farms, new residential property developments and also industries. Disruptive growth is projected that could make it possible to make inroads into Africa by creating partnering opportunities with major corporations.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to make sustainable water heating, solar electricity and water conservation available to many households and industries in Africa, benefiting people from all walks of life with solar technologies and entrepreneurship skills development. Within 5 years the GreenTower for schools initiative aims to achieve a carbon offset of 70,000 tons and conserve 4.6 billion liters of water per year and impact more than 1million youth, by creating 2000 new sustainable jobs in the Green Economy per year.


Team members include:

Andre Nel

André Nel is the founder and technical director of Eco-V with a Masters Degree in Electronics & Software engineering and is the inventor of GreenTower technology. He has been a Professional Engineer for 25 years. As an ex rocket scientist he believes “The Sky is NOT the Limit

Hennie Nel

Hennie Nel is a co-founder of Eco-V and is responsible for developing the GreenTower IoT software platform. He has over 10 years ICT experience and is passionate about the Green Economy

Our team is supported by:

Michelangelo Technology as key technology supplier imports most of the GreenTower™ components and has facilitated opportunities with customers for commercial pilots.

Solar Turtle – The SolarTurtle is an ultra secure solar solution in a box. Shipping containers are converted into drop-n-go energy platforms.


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