GreenTower product development since 2014 resulted in commercial pilots commencing in 2015 and leading to technology performance validation in 2016. Our technology has received recognition from piers by winning a number of local and international awards that has also provided television exposure and coverage in the media.

Eco-V currently has 6 small-scale GreenTower commercial pilot customers that provide real-time online performance data to our Internet based IoT platform. A further 2 commercial pilots have been contracted for the scaled-up containerised GreenTower Microgrid unit, with the first unit undergoing factory testing at our manufacturing facility before installation at a government Community Health Centre (CHC) that provides free health care to a poor community.

The commercial pilots provide a performance baseline that we use to scale up the design by feeding parameters into the GreenTower simulation model. The performance data is also shared with potential customers to help in sales and marketing.

A key GreenTower commercial pilot project installed on 15 August 2015 at Allen Park retirement village involved replacing 5 electric boilers for 5 apartments with a single GreenTower appliance.  A GreenTower IoT controller has been monitoring energy usage since October 2015 simultaneously for 5 apartments using GreenTower and 5 apartments using electric boilers for comparison. Over a 14 month period up to December 2016, ±14,221kWh in energy has been saved with an average saving of 82% (203kWh) per boiler, without optimisation.

The table below shows performance data of our pilot customers over the last 6 months:

Old Age Homes

Old age homes use electric boilers that contribute up to 35% of their electricity bill. With the high cost of electricity in South Africa, hot water for bathing is becoming unaffordable for the elderly. Eco-V has signed an MOU with the SAVF, a Non-Profit Organization that owns 32 old age homes and 44 housing schemes to implement GreenTower throughout their facilities based on a pilot project commencing in April 2017.

Property Developers

Property developers pay high grid connection fees and legislation requires 50% hot water heating from renewables. Discussions over the past year are expected to lead to negotiations between Eco-V and a listed construction company with a pipeline of more than 30000 homes, for a commercial pilot of 2000 homes with GreenTower implementation expected the latter part of 2017.

Industrial Applications

Industries that require 80°C process hot water spend up to 30% of their utility bill using electric boilers, severely impacting profitability. Eco-V has presented to Mpact for replacing a 600kW boiler with a GreenTower Microgrid that pays back in 5 years compared to 7 years for alternative solutions. Board approval is anticipated by August with implementation end of 2017.