Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an umbrella term for a broad range of technologies and services that form part of a broader technology ecosystem.

The Eco-V GreenTower IoT Platform incorporates the typical IoT stack consisting of “Things“, “Connectivity“, “Core IoT Features“, and “Apps & Analytics“.

Things” are the physical sensor devices used to measure and capture the data from devices such as energy usage, water flow rate, water temperature, and ambient temperature & humidity. This enables the environmental monitoring capability of the GreenTower IoT Platform.

Connectivity” is handled by a local IoT Gateway to which the “Things” are connected to using multiple media methods.

Data is processed and stored on site (edge-computing) and then sent on to the GreenTower IoT Cloud for further analytics. This reduces the reliance on always-on internet connectivity, enables local management and reporting of the “Things” connected to it, and creates a layer of security between the IoT connected devices and local networks. The IoT Gateway acts as a mini version of the GreenTower IoT Platform.

Core IoT Features” are implemented at the GreenTower IoT Platform level and include data collection and storage of measurements of “Things“, identity management of connected IoT Gateways, alert rule engines for predictive and remedial maintenance and optimization for the “Things” being measured, and additional aggregation and analytics to be performed on collected data sets.

Apps & Analytics” are the front facing aspects of the GreenTower IoT Platform such as user portals and information dashboards. This is where the collected data sets are transformed into usable information in a graphical way (the pretty pictures). This is also where the platform creates and forms trend analysis patterns, giving even greater insight into the way the monitored “Things” are utilized.