Property Developers

In 2011 the SANS 10400–XA ‘Energy Usage in Buildings’ regulations were passed in South Africa, setting out property development rules for water heating, lighting, insulation and glazed areas including windows, glass doors and roof lights. The regulations took more than five years to be refined and properly implemented due to cost implications for developers along with lack of skills from architects and municipal administrators approving building plans as well construction activities. The regulations oblige property developers and residential owner builders to deploy renewable solutions that save more than 50% in electricity consumption for water heating and give guidelines for energy efficient buildings regarding maximum demand and annual energy consumption.

In 2017 a property developer selected Eco-V to install GreenTower solar UPS units at Menlo Living, a high end residential development in Pretoria. The developer installed LED lighting and heat pumps while Eco-V installed Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) units at ten apartments using solar PV to reduce energy consumption with battery storage to provide emergency power during municipal power interruptions.

During 2018 and 2019 the installation was upgraded for some residents including transfer switches, Lithium batteries and larger solar PV arrays. At Menlo Living estate GreenTower is saving 23 thousand kWh in energy annually with a reduction of 23tons of Greenhouse gas.

In 2019 the GreenTower Microgrid at Susan Strijdom home was expanded to improve food security with an aquaponics greenhouse with fish and vegetable production. In August 2019 Coventry University (UK) completed performance validation of the GreenTower Microgrid circular economy model. 

During 2020in response to covid-19, GreenTower technology will also provide health security to elderly care facilities by providing ozone treated water for disinfection of surfaces and groceries along with 3D printed face masks for care givers.