GreenTower™ Technology achieves 90% in energy saving for heating water compared to electric boilers by harvesting and storing solar power while conserving water using an Internet based software management platform to optimise performance not provided by any of our competitors. The modular GreenTower™ design incorporates containerised micro-grid units that each provide off-grid hot water for up to 16 homes making our solution more affordable than competing solutions. By
incorporating multiple micro-grid units GreenTower solutions can be scaled to serve any size community hospital or school, that require domestic hot water and also factories that require 80 °C process hot water.

People from all walks of life can benefit from GreenTower™ Technology. It is an Internet of Things (IoT) solution with a compelling value proposition and the potential to solve Africa’s energy and water crises while being beneficial to many other markets. Water is a scarce resource in Africa and forms part of a balanced eco-system including energy and food supply that are needed to truly impact society and improve the lives of millions of communities.