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Andre Nel Eco-V Factory

GreenTower™ Technology achieves 90% in energy saving for heating water compared to electric boilers by harvesting and storing solar power while conserving water using an Internet based software management platform to optimize performance not provided by any of our competitors. The modular GreenTower™ design incorporates containerised micro-grid units that each provide off-grid hot water for up to 16 homes making our solution more affordable than competing solutions. By incorporating multiple micro-grid units GreenTower solutions can be scaled to serve any size community, hospital or school that require domestic hot water and also factories that require 80 °C process hot water.

People from all walks of life can benefit from GreenTower™ Technology. It is an Internet of Things (IoT) solution with a compelling value proposition and the potential to solve Africa’s energy and water crises while being beneficial to many other markets. Water is a scarce resource in Africa and forms part of a balanced eco-system including energy and food supply that are needed to truly impact society and improve the lives of millions of communities.

Eco-V at the UNIDO 18th General Conference

Andre Nel, Founder of Eco-V and inventor of GreenTower Technology addresses UNIDO congregants on innovative disruption in CleanTech and the regulation environment in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Some key questions to consider that the Moderator will engage you on noting the objective of the session:

• How do we as a role-players best interact and contribute to the effective deployment of cleantech solutions?
• Are there examples of policy instruments that have worked in a developmental context to accelerate the acceleration and uptake of Cleantech and innovations successfully?
• What are examples of successful collaborations that have led to the effective, appropriate and impactful deployment of climate technologies?
• What is the Role of Technology Transfer in scaling up efforts for the energy transition and decarbonisation of economies?
• How can Innovators and entrepreneurs be more effectively integrated in value chain of Technology Transfer – which models work?
• Which financing models work for Cleantech and Innovative solutions and/or how do we transform the investment paradigms and approaches currently applied to Cleantech in order to take cognizance of the fact that Cleantech innovation and entrepreneurship takes time and may need patient capital to grow and scale up?
• What can innovators and entrepreneurs do to better to access the various stages of funding for business growth?

eNews Interview

2016 Top 10 finalis van die “Innovation Prize for Africa” met die GroenToring innovasie

Eco-V BBC Interview – British Academy of Engineering

Technical Director of Eco-V, Andre Nel, in the UK on invitation from the British Royal Academy of Engineering. Eco-V is one of the 2016/2017 finalists of the Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation. Crucial commercialisation support is awarded to a shortlist of innovative applicants, through a six month period of training and mentoring. More info on the Africa Priza here:…